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Author of Psychological Suspense

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I like nothing better than an atmospheric, brooding thriller, set in an intriguing place and involving perplexing characters. All my life, I've loved the works of authors such as Daphne Du Maurier and Shirley Jackson. The Hawthorne School is my first psychological suspense novel. I hope it will give you the same mysterious puzzle that I love in my favorite books.

 I also write "uplit," or uplifting novels, under the name Keziah Frost.

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The Hawthorne School stands rooted on its hill, surrounded by woods and fields. A breeze rustles its coat of wet and trembling vines so that it seems to breathe in and out like a living being. Its black window panes glint at the tiny boy, and he pulls on the arm of his young mother. She pulls back, not letting him go, although he twists his little hand in hers, trying to get free, trying to run from her and toward the enchantment.

The Hawthorne School



December 7, 2021
Crooked Lane Books

A twisty psychological thriller about a mother who will do anything for her son, and the progressive school which seems like a godsend until she discovers the darkness hidden behind its ideals, and must free them both before it’s too late.



I am represented by literary agent Danielle Bukowski of Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. For any writing opportunities, contact her at

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DuPage County, Illinois

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